We are excited to announce that we've released new and improved product features!
Mark your calendar: We're thrilled to give you an exclusive sneak peek into our next iteration! The anticipation is building! Our new and improved features is going live on the
9th of November 2023
. We can't wait for you to explore and use the enhancements.
A summary of what you can find on the platform.
  • Extended Company Profile: The new profile isn't just about showcasing your brand; it's about fostering collaboration. With our enhanced profile features, you'll be able to work closely with your suppliers on a broader set of sustainability efforts.
  • Organization Carbon Footprint: Highlight your commitment to the environment with transparent details about your organization's carbon impact.
  • Product Footprint: Share insights about the breadth and depth of your product range, emphasizing the sustainability initiatives tied to them.
  • Beta Test Subscription: Your feedback is invaluable to us. Subscribe now to be a part of our beta tests and help shape the future of our platform.
Your Voice Counts
We are always iterating and updating features to make our product better for you, and we invite you to our feedback page to share your thoughts, suggest features & improvements, and vote on those items that you'd want to see sooner in the product.
All of these have become a reality thanks to the frequent in-depth feedback we get from our customers and community. We highly value this, and we use it to grow in a way that makes ClimateCamp the place to engage all of your suppliers on their emissions.