We are excited to announce that we've released the new and improved product features! A summary of what you can find on the platform:
Multiple Product Carbon Footprint sources
: evaluate and select your supplier's shared product carbon footprint or benchmark data and remain in charge of your data.
  • We have expanded the ability to convert between units to all activity data types. You can now convert your activity data to different units as needed and select emission factors based on the converted units.
  • We have clarified domain terms and calculations to ensure they are more transparent and easy to understand so you can make informed decisions.
  • We've fixed the ability to save activity data without emission factors.
  • We've fixed the decimal input of product carbon footprint data.
Your Voice Counts
We are always iterating and updating features to make our product better for you, and we invite you to our feedback page to share your thoughts, suggest features & improvements, and vote on those items that you'd want to see sooner in the product.
All of these have become a reality thanks to the frequent in-depth feedback we get from our customers and community. We highly value this, and we use it to grow in a way that makes ClimateCamp the place to engage all of your suppliers on their emissions.