We are excited to announce that we've released more new and improved product features during this festive end of year! A summary of key elements of this release:
Calculate Scope 1,2,3 emissions.
New ability for organizations to share their
organizational footprint relative to their production unit
, in additional to the total production. This allows for organizations to share the CO2e footprint per production weight, volume, distance or other unit, without disclosing the the total production volumes.
new units
to support transportation activity data expressed in weight-distance and passengers-distance measures.
Extended the capture of organisational emissions
from suppliers in line with the CDP framework
and of the product carbon data
in line with the Pathfinder framework.
Corrected the assignment of purchased products and services
to the relevant supplier organization for review and
added support for declaring products without details
about the supplier.
Added compatibility of activity data and emissions factors expressed in different units
for automatic conversion during the emission calculation. The emission factors selection is now filtered by compatible activity units.
Released the new ability for suppliers to add
conversion factors
for their products. This allows users to express the activity data of their organizations in multiple equivalent measures and achieving consistent emissions calculation. For example, a packaging product may be expressed by purchased weight, number of pieces or volume and having the same consistent CO2e footprint based on a single selected emission factor.
Your Voice Counts
We are always iterating and updating features to make our product better for you, and we invite you to our feedback page to share your thoughts, suggest features & improvements, and vote on those items that you'd want to see sooner in the product.
All of these have become a reality thanks to the frequent in-depth feedback we get from our customers and community. We highly value this, and we use it to grow in a way that makes ClimateCamp the place to engage all of your suppliers on their emissions.