We wanted to make it easier for you to track and manage your CO2 emissions, from scope 1 to scope 3. Now you can improve #sustainability across your whole supply chain working even closely with your suppliers!
We are extremely pleased to announce that we've released the new and improved product features we were preparing over the past weeks! A few notes below on what you can find on the platform.
Emission Groups
Group your emissions according to your own criteria, in order to track and analyze them more effectively. Specifically as a brewery, when onboarding on the platform you get pre-configured in your account groups that are common in the industry.
Invite your suppliers
Improved functionality to invite suppliers to share data on the platform, collaborating and sharing feedback directly.
Suppliers Emission Data
Suppliers can now share their baseline emissions data or product carbon footprint with you, giving you a more complete view of the environmental impact of your supply chain.
Activity Data Management
Added new GHG Scope 3 categories to cover more of the impactful area of organization's activities.
Live in the Microsoft Commercial marketplaces
ClimateCamp is now formally a verified Microsoft partner. Organizations can now discover the platform in the Azure Marketplace and the AppSource store fronts. Soon businesses will be able to procure directly from the marketplace and reduce their onboarding cycle.
Your Voice Counts
As you know, we are always iterating and updating features to make our product better for you, and we invite your to share your thoughts, suggest features & improvements, and vote on those items that you'd want to see sooner in the product on our feedback page.
All of these have become a reality thanks to the frequent in-depth feedback we get from our customers and community. We highly value this, and we use it to grow in a way that makes ClimateCamp the place to engage all of your suppliers on their emissions.